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About SSCI

Schenectady Steel is an AISC Certified Structural Steel Fabricator doing projects throughout the Northeastern United States. The steel frame of a building is one of the first visible signs of progress on a typical construction site. But the work that is involved to get the first column in the air can be massive. This is where our attention to detail and desire to satisfy our clients starts. We are always looking for ways to reduce an owner’s costs thru value added engineering. Finding and resolving issues in the early stages of any job can be the difference between a project being on schedule and a project that is late and causing major cost over runs. Every project will have its share of problems during the building process. We strive to resolve problems as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Throughout every project we strive to keep our work on time and on budget. This benefits not only us, but also the owner.

Our AISC Certification (which includes a Sophisticated Paint Endorsement-Enclosed) requires that we have the necessary procedures in place to assure that the product we deliver to a site is fabricated to a high level of quality and accuracy. This AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) quality program requires a yearly audit by a third party auditor to verify that we are meeting this standard on all the work we do. For more info visit

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AISC Certified Structural Steel Fabricator AISC Certified Structural Steel Fabricator