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A Leading AISC Certified Fabricator of Structural Steel in the Northeast

Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. (SSCI) fabricates and erects structural steel components for structures of all sizes and for all industries including retail, higher education, healthcare and municipalities throughout the Northeast. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service.

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Why Choose Schenectady Steel?

Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. has been an AISC Certified Fabricator for over a decade. AISC certification differentiates us from our competitors and demonstrates our commitment to the three critical drivers in the selectin of structural steel: cost (materials and labor), speed (meet the stated schedule and deadlines), and quality (confidence that the project’s specifications will be met.

Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. has been providing construction services and materials since 1924, building residential, commercial and industrial platforms of all shapes and sizes throughout the Northeast. Whether your project involves complex geometry, a sophisticated paint system or requires heavy coordination between trades, Schenectady Steel has the tools and resources to bring your project from design to reality.

Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. provides years of industry experience and practical knowledge of our trade. We bring that expertise to the table when reviewing your project and work to isolate any potential issues well before they have an impact on schedule or cost. Monitoring material, drawings, and workflow to keep your project on-time and within budget is our number one priority.

Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. has a strong commitment to the safety of our employees and our contractors. We approach safety as a priority in all we do, from hiring a full-time safety director, conducting employee training (including OSHA 10-hour and 30-Hour construction outreach training program), weekly Toolbox talks, and most importantly, encouraging employee involvement through open and honest communication, feedback and suggestions. Our safety program has resulted in an impressive EMR for this historically dangerous profession.

Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. prides itself on quality. Whether it is a complex paint system or a complicated truss that spans an entire gymnasium, our QA/QC is there to ensure that all material provided meets the project requirements. Our QC staff is trained for bolting, welding and painting inspection with various industry recognized organizations. With an established quality control program, strengthened by the rigorous requirements of AISC Certification, you can be confident that you will be receiving the material built as specified on your project.