Our Commitment to Safety

Shop Safety Program

Safety is a core value at Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. Our goal each and every day is to send everyone home in the same condition or better condition than when they came to work.  We are committed to being proactive and instilling proper behaviors in our employees. We have incorporated several controls to protect our employees and ensure our shop is a safe place to work:

  • A Full-time safety professional on staff
  • In-house Authorized Outreach Trainer (construction and general industry)
  • Company-wide participation in weekly Toolbox Talks to train team members on safety work practices.
  • A culture of accountability where all employees within the organization are responsible for safety.
  • Weekly shop audits to ensure our shop is as safe as possible for our employees and visitors.

At Schenectady Steel Co., Inc., we take the well-being of our team that work for us very seriously and strive for continuous improvement in our environmental, health and safety programs.  Schenectady Steel Co., Inc.  award-winning safety performance and our low EMR makes us one of the safest structural steel fabricators in the Northeast.

Jobsite Safety

Safety excellence is a corporate value and a commitment we practice on all projects.  We employ only the most qualified steel erectors on our projects.   Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. works with Steel Erectors who demonstrate a commitment to quality, safety and who have demonstrated their reliability and dependability. Our Safety professional works with Steel Erectors Safety professionals to develop and manage site specific safety procedures.  This safety liaison program makes Schenectady Steel Co., Inc.  a reliable and safe construction partner for its clients.

To maintain the safest jobsite for our sub-contractors, we ensure all site-specific work conditions and hazards are addressed in site-specific safety plans.  Some of the key qualifications are:

  • Site Safety plans are reviewed, communicated and implemented and the field and are complaint with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Project-specific erection plans with hoisting and erection requirements are reviewed communicated and implemented in the field.
  • Written procedures for fall protection are periodically monitored.
  • Crane operators are CCO certified or equivalently trained and/or experienced.