Steel Fabrication Services

Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. is an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Certified Fabricator. The AISC certification program sets the quality standard for the structural steel industry. Maintaining our certification requires extensive internal audits on a yearly basis as well as an annual 3rd party audit. A large part of the program is to constantly seek ways to improve our methods. This puts the focus on preventing errors, not correcting errors. Thus, delivering a higher quality product to our clients. SSCI is certified as a Building Fabricator(BU) with a Sophisticated Paint Endorsement-Enclosed(SPE-P1) as well as Simple Bridge(SBR) and Bridge Component(CPT).

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Schenectady Steel Co., Inc.  utilizes a number of pieces of CNC equipment to process the various types of raw material to prepare it for fabrication. Some of the equipment we use daily includes the following:

  • Peddinghaus 9 Spindle Drill Line
  • Peddinghaus Oxy-Fuel Coping Machine
  • Plasma / Oxy-Fuel Plate Burning Table by Messer Cutting Systems
  • Peddinghaus Plate Duplicator
  • Peddinghaus Anglemaster

These machines allow us to process material quickly, efficiently and accurately. The individual part programs that are used are typically imported directly from the various detailing software that is used. This increases our level of quality which equals a higher quality product delivered to your jobsite.

Curved Steel I-beanm Person welding I-beam Steel Building I-Beams

Fabrication & Welding

After the individual parts have been made, they need to be assembled into shipping pieces. The parts are gathered for a particular piece and taken to a layout crew in a fabrication bay. This is when a fitter will transfer the dimensions and information from a detail drawing to the actual pieces of steel. If there is welding required, this is when our welders will take over and utilize the detail drawing to apply welds as required to meet the jobs specifications. Great care is taken to apply the welds in a way that minimizes the distortion that often results from welding processes. Experience is critical to building complex assemblies and our fitter/welder teams typically have 25 or more years of experience.

Multiple long and wide fabrication bays with high lift cranes allows us to fabricate oversize trusses and frames with ease. Having 2 or more cranes in our fabrication bays allows us to handle these larger and heavier items safely.


The increasing availability of high-performance coatings for structural steel has brought about a much higher demand for the use of these coatings. Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. utilizes a conveyor fed shot blaster to clean many pieces of material and a manual abrasive blast cleaner to deal with any post fabrication needs. We maintain a Sophisticated Paint Endorsement from AISC. Our in-house inspectors are also certified by SSPC (The Society for Protective Coatings). Applying these coatings requires our applicators and inspectors to monitor the process closely from start to finish.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

An inspection of welds and dimensional check by one of the several certified welding inspectors (CWI) we have on staff is the last step before moving items to a staging area before loading. Our QA/QC program ensures that we follow the requirements of our AISC certification program and also allows us to provide any required documentation to our clients. This documentation regularly assists our clients in attaining LEED certification on their new buildings. Our inspectors have had the proper training to assure that the correct techniques are utilized in all of our fabrication, welding, bolting and coating processes. This program drives us to deliver an extremely high-quality product every day to every client.


Using detailer generated reports materials are purchased from one of Schenectady’s many vendors, which are steel mills and service centers located throughout the NE.  Material is shipped to Schenectady via rail roads and trucks.  Once material is delivered, it is received by adhering to a standardized process.  Material is checked to verify that it is with the tolerances listed in the ASTM A6 Standard Specifications Manual.


On-time delivery is essential in our industry and we understand that when our customers need the steel, we must provide it to them in a timely manner.  Our logistic managers have the capability to load trucks to satisfy the erector’s needs.  Utilizing a combination of our own tractor trailers and third-party shipping partners ensure timely deliveries of each load of steel in the most efficient matter, while protecting the steel during shipping.