About Schenectady Steel

Schenectady Steel Company, Inc. is a structural steel fabricator located in the Capital Region of New York State.  Founded by Leon Phelps in 1924, Schenectady Steel has persevered through the economic and industrial hardships of The Great Depression and World War II to build a foundation dedicated to the highest of quality with a mindful adherence to budgetary concerns.  As Leon retired in 1948, the Company became incorporated under the supervision of his sons John and Glenn Phelps.  They continued building strong relationships with contractors across the Northeast, completing a wide spectrum of projects and aggressive schedules.

In 1975, John Phelps made the decision to sell more than half of his stock in the company to his employees through a distributed employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). By 1986, Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. became a 100% employee owned company allowing workers to further enjoy the pride of their success.  In the years since Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. has completed numerous expansions and modernizations, including the purchase of a competing fabrication facility, effectively doubling our shop floor space.   The company, with its dedicated and hard-working group of employee owners, continues to produce quality products, safely and on schedule, for today’s construction industry.