Steel Construction Services

Project Management

Schenectady Steel Co., Inc prides itself on its ability to successfully manage the process and activities associated with organizing, planning and controlling resources, protocols and procedures in order to achieve optimum results on projects.

At Schenectady Steel, we take a customer-focused approach that is supported by the latest tools in project management technology to ensure our customers projects are a success.  Our project managers will work closely with you to meet and exceed expectations.

Our project managers are committed to creating transparency of the project status and schedule for our clients.   Each member of our project management team has a diverse background not only in steel fabrication, but also in engineering, construction, and account management.

Steel Fabrication

SSCI is a full service AISC & AWS certified structural steel fabrication facility and has successfully servicing the commercial, municipal, healthcare, and education construction markets for over 95 years.  We offer structural and miscellaneous metal packages at the best value using innovative design assistance, proactive material and schedule management, with a proven quality known throughout the Northeast.

At SSCI, we know the success of every project relies on smooth and efficient communication from design to delivery, ensuring timely project completion and reducing overall project cost.  . SSCI possess the knowledge, skills and professionalism to complete a project right and on schedule.    We offer a wide range of services and capabilities taking your project from concept to construction, such as:

  • Steel Fabrication
  • Miscellaneous Metals Fabrication
  • Steel Detailing
  • Value Engineering
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)
  • LEED Compliance
  • Joist & Deck Coordination
  • Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Erection
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPO)

Fabrication Services

Precast Supply & Erection

Precast supply and erection can be provided in combination with a structural steel project.  Although we do not fabricate precast planks, and or panels, we work with a number of Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) certified manufacturers and provide all coordination with the structural steel frame to ensure proper fit and connection details are utilized when we supply both products.

Precast Grouting

Precast grouting can be provided when we supply and install the steel frame and precast plank.  Supplying the grouting offers another level of coordination since the precast must be grouted when the plank is erected in multi-story buildings.

Subcontract Erection

Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. is uniquely positioned to facilitate the erection process.  The Project team works closely with its erectors to sequence projects to make sure we are meeting our customer’s needs.  Project Management and our Safety Director are in constant communication with our steel erectors and will be on-site as necessary to identify issues that may impact scheduling before and during erection.

Subcontract Detailing

At Schenectady Steel Co., Inc. we believe that quality engineering and detailing deliver quality end products which is the first step of many that lead to a project that is on schedule and under budget.  That’s why we put a special focus on assigning the right processes and people to each project depending on the specific project requirements.  We work with three of the best detailing firms in the Continental United States.  They understand complex engineering, detailing, fabrication and structural steel erection and have the people, skills and knowledge to tackle all the structural needs of our clients.  These firms specialize in engineering and detailing services for fabrication and connection design and have the human resources to consistently meet demanding schedules, exceed expectations and provide timely solutions to complex, fast-paced construction challenges.

3D Structural Steel Detailing and Fabrication

Schenectady Steel plays a key role in the BIM process.  Typically, our models form the basis of all work involved with the BIM coordination.  Available early in the project, other trades are able to use our model to check for clashes and facilitate a seamless installation in the field.  We offer models in a variety of formats to be used in all other BIM software.

Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication

Almost every project contains some scope of miscellaneous metals.  Schenectady strives to meet our customers’’ expectations with a seamless, complete product from standing the first column to installing the last hand rail.  To better meet the needs of our customers’ a family-owned Miscellaneous Metals shop – Miscellaneous Iron Fabricators was incorporated into the Schenectady Steel family in 2013 and provides a full range of architectural and structural solutions. With a reputation for old-world craftsmanship, attention to detail and superior product, they are dedicated to providing customers with cost effective, innovative designs that will adhere to budgetary and schedule driven constraints.